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About TreesAreCool

TreesAreCool was created by the Florida Chapter ISA to increase public awareness and education of Florida's greatest green resource - trees.

On the TreesAreCool website you can:

  • Discover helpful information on the planting, care and maintenance of Florida trees to help keep our valuable green resources and urban trees healthy.
  • Learn how to order your very own TreesAreCool license plate for your vehicle.
  • View the Trees4Florida media campaign made possible through a grant from the Florida Forest Service.
  • See why it's important to safeguard our trees and green resources against hurricanes and other natural disasters.
  • We'll share tips and sources on planting the right tree in the right place.
  • View online media from experts who can help your protect your trees from damage.
  • Check back often as we add important updates to keep you in the know about Florida's tree resources and value to our wonderful environment.

License Plate: Sales to date: 21,197
Rank 76 of 122 Florida plates
March 2015 Sales 320
The tree tag specialty plate

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