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Save Florida's TreesOne of Florida's biggest assets is its unique environment. You can help preserve a special part of this unique environment - our urban trees. By purchasing a TreesAreCool specialty license plate for your vehicle, you help underwrite educational programs that directly benefit the trees of Florida. And you help our state, the uniquely beautiful place we call home. Healthy trees benefit wildlife, increase property values and reduce greenhouse-producing gases by cooling and cleaning the air.

The INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ARBORICULTURE is a professional organization dedicated to continuing education for arborists, to tree care research, and to serving tree care consumers around the world. The FLORIDA CHAPTER of the ISA shares this same dedication, with a further commitment to serving the needs particular to Florida's professional arborists and tree care consumers.

The Florida Chapter ISA sponsored the TreesAreCool specialty plate to help us fund programs that preserve and expand Florida’s urban trees. One of our primary goals for these funds is to endow a chairmanship at the University of Florida (UF). The work currently being done by Professor Gilman at UF has had a profound impact on the care of urban trees.  This chairmanship will insure that urban tree care research will continue at UF in perpetuity. We also know that urban trees, unlike forest trees, need care, and arborists care for trees. The education of arborists in Florida is another important mission of the Florida Chapter ISA. TreesAreCool specialty plate funds also help us educate arborists in the how to care for trees.  And quite often the information we provide comes directly from urban tree research conducted at UF.



What is the urban forest?
The urban forest includes all the trees in a community. Often trees are planted as individuals in urban environments. However, a healthy urban forest is best managed as an entire forest ecosystem. Trees create shade which lowers summer temperatures in cities, and reduce storm runoff, which minimizes flooding.


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